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08/23/2018 02:44 AM
Referendum issue from former Mifflin mayor denied

Mifflin's automated speed enforcement program will go unchallenged this November as the Ashland County Board of Elections ruled that a referendum issue filed by a former mayor of Mifflin did not apply to the ordinance in question. The referendum, filed by former Mifflin mayor Freddie Craig, was in response to an ordinance passed by Mifflin Village Council that authorized the speed enforcement program.

08/20/2018 09:01 PM
Mifflin issue to be examined for 2018 ballot today

Notably, two issues were not approved. One issue, a referendum submitted by a citizen asking to abolish the Sullivan Township's zoning code, was dismissed after it was determined the petition had insufficient signatures.

08/10/2018 03:46 AM
Election issues include Sullivan zoning, Mifflin ordinances, health districts

The majority of the issues are either renewal or additional tax levies for schools or townships, but three issues placed by two townships are questions put to voters that could determine policy, including a repeal of the power of township zoning from Sullivan Township. A complaint for injunctive relief was filed against the township on July 30 after the township passed a resolution banning the use of Class B biosolids, a fertilizer made from human waste in farming.